One-to-One Coaching

 $1750.00 USD :: 10 sessions


Transferable Skills + Workplace Strengths Discovery

$375.00 USD :: Assessment + 2 sessions


Elissa has the innate ability to be a mentor and trainer while at the same time allowing me the autonomy to learn on my own and when it did happen learn from my mistakes.

I would recommend Elissa as someone who I have worked with in two separate work environments as having the highest degree of integrity. 

~ Chris Sahni, Executive Recruiter, Managing Partner at CCS Consulting


Elissa was a joy to work with. She used her gifts to mentor, train, and guide me while still letting me make my own decisions and reach my own conclusions. She is a truly gifted mentor. 

Angela McCully, Business Development Manager

Workplace Advisory

A customized strategy to improve hiring, tenure, engagement and team dynamics.

Happy people = a profitable business.

Elissa Shuck, Founder + CEO

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