I've always loved working. And the best part of my work life was helping my teams be their best individually and collectively, experiencing real purpose and developing their professional potential. 

I've curated all the principles, techniques and tools I used to transition industries four times, achieve twelve career promotions and help my teams achieve excellence.

If you're ready to take control of your experience, I know how to help you discover and unleash your strengths and love your work life.


Elissa has the innate ability to be a mentor and trainer while at the same time allowing me the autonomy to learn on my own and when it did happen learn from my mistakes. I would recommend Elissa as someone who I have worked with in two separate work environments as having the highest degree of integrity. 

~ Chris Sahni, Executive Recruiter, Managing Partner at CCS Consulting


Elissa was a joy to work with. She used her gifts to mentor, train, and guide me while still letting me make my own decisions and reach my own conclusions. She is a truly gifted mentor. 

Angela McCully, Business Development Manager

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